Church Bulletin Board

Just a little over a month ago, most of you were at the Carolina Conference Session. On the Thursday night of that session, I presented my report to the delegates of the session. I was especially grateful to the many hours that especially Elder Henrique Gomez (Our Assistant Communications Director for Media Ministries) along with the amazing team from our Communications Department invested in preparing a video report that was shared with the delegates. Obviously the delegates present then represented just a small fragment of our entire membership. I am sharing the link with you in the event that you in turn would like to share this report with each of our church families. The video report is about 11 minutes long.

Prayer Meeting

Wednesdays at 7:00PM

Will be held at the home of John and Connie

A Look Ahead

Church Leader Schedule         

       Speaker                       S.S. Teach

Oct 1       Pastor Mark Kent                             Nathan Pinnix

Oct 8     Dale Pollett                                          Derek Arnold

Oct 15    John Kent                                             Garry Dunning

Oct 22   Derek Arnold                                      John Kent

Oct 29  Garry Dunning                                   Laura Pinyon


Fellowship Meal Schedule

Oct 1      Bring Your own dish Potluck


Prayer Line Schedule


Mornings: Monday-Thursday 7AM

Noon: Monday -Thursday 1pm

Evenings: Sunday-Friday 7:00PM

Prayer line sessions are all 30 Minutes long except for Wednesday and Friday evenings are 1 hour